A Sister’s Revenge (2013) online sa prevodom


A Sister’s Revenge (2013) online sa prevodom

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A Sister’s Revenge (2013) sa prevodom

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In Philadelphia, former ladies man Michael Miller has settled down having married the love of his life, the former Catherine Kearney, the two who have an infant son, Evan Miller. Michael, however, is rarely home as he tries to make a go of his new restaurant, Michael's Bar and Grill. Despite the restaurant being the in place to go in the city and it being packed, one small issue after another with the restaurant is bleeding Michael financially. The latest such issue is his sole hostess, Amber, not showing up for a shift, it not until several hours and several necessary comps to customers for the inconvenience later that he finds out that Amber has broken her leg in an accident, and will be out of commission for a couple of months. Michael is able easily to find who seems to be the perfect replacement for Amber, Suzanne Dell, she new to the city, beautiful and personable, and who is only looking for a temporary job while she works on growing her personal training clientele. Suzanne is obvious in her being there for Michael if he were ever looking for something to happen, her advances which he is able to resist despite the temptation. It isn't until after Suzanne drugs Michael and is able to produce a video of the two of them having a sexual encounter that Michael realizes that she orchestrated her way into his life. She blackmails him with the video for money in return for not telling Catherine. The money, however, does not stop Suzanne's emotional torture of Michael, the video always in the front of his mind in terms of how he decides to handle whatever she throws at him. Michael has to find out who she is and what her end game is if he has any chance of neutralizing what she is doing to him and by association his crumbing family life and deteriorating business.

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